Your Resume is No Time To Be Humble

As a humble person I have never been one to brag about anything, however there is the one situation where I have been braggadocios and you should be too.


As I have previously  written your objective is to have a hiring manager be so impressed with your resume that they want to talk to you in person about your experience during an interview. 

Well, if you want to grab a hiring manager’s attention then this is NOT the time to be humble or modest.

Make People See Your Credentials

Brag about yourself and specifically about your accomplishments, credentials, certifications, education, etc. 

For example, on many resumes I have reviewed for other people I notice they have some form of graduate degree yet are not listing that near the top.  

So if you have an MBA why wouldn’t you prominently display that at the top of your resume?

For instance, instead of ‘James Smith’ why wouldn’t you promote your MBA by writing it like this on your resume, ‘James Smith, MBA’.

I’m going to stress this point again…

You must do everything to 1) separate yourself from the competition and 2) impress a hiring manager enough that they want to bring you in for an interview.

Limited Time to Impress

So whether you have a graduated degree or a certification within your field you should list that near the top of your resume so the reader notices it within seconds of reading your resume.

Also, anytime you can list numbers along with your accomplishments the better as people like to be able read quantifiable results.

For instance, ‘Managing a team to deliver projects.’ 


‘Managing a team of 100 resources across multiple departments to deliver projects.’

Which sentence do you find more impressive?

Of course the sentence where the number of resources is listed is more impressive/eye catching instead of the sentence with generic language.

Here’s another example…

‘Exceeded yearly sales goals.’


‘Exceeded yearly sales goals by 20% and increased profit margins for the company by 10%.’

Once again, be specific and quantify your results. Most people fail to do that so when you do provide specifics you should be in the top 5 to 10 percent of applicants instead of the bottom of the pile.

You're Your #1 Fan

If you’re struggling to get your arms around this concept think about it this way…

Nobody is going to look out after you better than yourself…

You are your number one fan…

You need to be your biggest hype man/woman for yourself!

One of the common mistakes I have noticed in reviewing resumes is that people just throw their resume together, which leads their resume being just like everyone else’s.

Well, if your resume is like majority of other applicants applying to the same position as you are then how do you expect to stand out?

The reality is your resume won’t stand out to a reader and that is one of the reasons you’re not landing any interviews.

So instead you need to position yourself in the spotlight by boasting your accomplishments. 

Stop letting your resume being thrown into the trash by being the world’s best self-promoter!

Why are you not promoting yourself like your # 1 fan?

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