Why You Have Not Determined a New Career

Have you ever thought about running a marathon, but end up not doing so because the intimidation of the 26.2 miles beats you? I bet you have also made a New Year's resolution like 'I want to get ‘fit’ and go to the gym more often to lose weight and feel better', but fail to do so because life just gets in the way.

These are just 2 examples of goals we set for ourselves, but manage to fall short. Another goal many of us have failed to achieve is to make that career change we have been meaning to make for years.



But why do we fall short? Do we lack determination or desire, probably not. Instead our failures are due to a lack of planning on our part. We have these grand ideas or goals yet never follow through due to not knowing how to get to our desired goals!

So why do we not plan? For some of us planning requires thinking about a topic that is difficult for us and therefore we become overwhelmed. Before you know it we immediately move onto something else because it is just easier to quit then to sit still and try to plan something you’re unfamiliar with. 

You want to make a career change and transition to something you would:

  • Enjoy!
  • Be financially rewarded!
  • Provides you a work/life balance!

But what is that new career? What do you really want to do next that you will enjoy?


So you decide today is the day you start looking for a new career change. Maybe you do some research, write your resume, start applying to jobs, connecting with people on LinkedIn and talk to a few people about your new career search. Then a few weeks go by, you get those generic rejection e-mails and you feel like nobody can help you with your career search. 

All of sudden you’re depressed and have no energy to keep looking. So you reside to the fact you’re just meant to be where you are and never be any better.

Where do you want to go?

Just like a marathon or losing weight for determining a new career we must go beyond just wanting to achieve such a goal. We must put pen to paper and put together a detailed plan. Such a plan will provide us a roadmap of where we want to end up and more importantly how to get to our goal! 

Successful marathon runners and those who are ‘fit’ do not magically achieve these goals, but instead have learned what does & does not work and then follow their plan.

With all of that said you are probably thinking, ‘but I do not know what I want to do next!’ and that’s okay. A lot of people including myself have thought this and not knowing what you want to do next is a challenging hurdle, but it is one that can be jumped!

After commenting below as to what has kept you from determining your next career read how to determine a new career article to help you determine your next career.

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