Top 10 Mistakes That Are Holding You Back from Changing Careers

You realize you need a change and that your current career is not going to get you where you want to be whether that is satisfaction, doing meaningful work or financially rewarding.

You have had these thoughts & feelings for days, weeks, months if not for over a year now. However, you have yet to successfully transition to your new rewarding career. 

Why haven’t you made the change yet? 


Well, over many years of helping others I have noticed 10 common mistakes people make that is holding people back from changing their careers.

10 Common Mistakes in Your Career Change

  • Your inner monologue is destroying you before you even get started! You have thoughts like, ‘Where do I start?’, ‘How do I write a resume?’, ‘I don’t know anyone to network with to help me!’, ‘I’m not qualified to do anything else!’
  • You cannot focus your career transition to 1 to 3 possibilities. You’re constantly changing your mind about what career you want to transition to. 
  • You are negative. You come up with all the reasons why you can’t transition your career, all the reasons why you can’t write a resume, why people aren’t willing to help you, the hiring manager asked you ‘dumb’ questions in the interview.
  • Your resume tells people what you do at your current job. People time and time again simply list a bunch of bullet points that simply tell recruiters/managers what you currently do for a living. Trust me, they don’t care what you do day-to-day.
  • You are spending 80% plus of your time applying to jobs. You spend more hours than you care to remember applying to jobs online filling out those absurdly long applications to only get the generic rejection e-mail a few days later, Thank you for your interest in the position. Your information has been reviewed; however, you have not been selected to proceed in the hiring process.’
  • Your networking approach is all wrong. When you finally get in front of someone who is willing to meet you for coffee or have a phone conversation you come off to them as, ‘This person doesn’t know what they want to do next in their careers.’ 
  • You lack persistence & dedication. One day/week/month you’re super determined to move onto a new career and then you lose all that steam you thought you had.
  • Your follow up is bad with those people who offer to help you. You do not follow up in a timely manner with those who offer to help you. You ‘ghost’ or fall of the face of the earth weeks at a time and then pop back up asking those same people for their help. 
  • Your social media doesn’t paint a pretty picture. Your LinkedIn profile is bare, doesn’t position you well for the position you’re seeking to land. Other social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) gives a poor first impression.
  • Lack of preparation for interviews. You feel like you’re having a hard time answering questions during the interview process.

One if not many of those reasons above are why you are struggling to change careers. I get it, I really do. Changing careers can be challenging when you do not know any other career than then one you have been in for the past several years. 

However, changing careers can be easier if you stop doing the items listed above and instead start doing these best practices. Those best practices will give you a better chance of changing careers.

Tell me, what mistake is holding you back from changing careers?

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