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Troy S.

Account Executive

After several interviews of not hearing back from companies it is easy to get discouraged. However, Charles’ course enabled me to keep moving forward and gave me the confidence necessary to convey my skillset and leadership ability in my latest interview that lead to an offer and now my new career!’ 

Paul S.

District Sales Representative

Charles’ course helped me rediscover the value I bring as an employee and provided me with the confidence to leave a company I was with for 10 years to find a new rewarding career that pays me 40% more money! In addition, the interview preparation Charles provides instills confidence to interview well and be ready for any question someone may ask me during the interview process. Also, I was able to articulate how my past work experience and knowledge would benefit the new employer.

Shola B.

Quality Management Consultant

Charles helped me transition a new career in less than 5 weeks! Charles was able to help me receive more responses from companies I applied to by improving my marketability by teaching me the importance of effectively positioning my work experiences, which conveyed I was qualified for the positions I applied for. Charles also made networking easier for me as he showed me the power and value of utilizing LinkedIn to find people who could introduce me to hiring managers for positions I was interested in.

Courtney D.

Lending Consultant

I was able to transition to a new company while securing a 20% salary increase. Through Charles' career course I discovered the confidence to realize my skills, knowledge and strengths would be rewarded by another company. Also, the course enabled me to successfully network to my new job! Finally, I was able to overcome my fear of the unknownof leaving a company I was with for 10 years.

Leanne D.

IT Consultant

Charles' career course helped me to start a new career that resulted in a 50% salary increase!The course also showed me how to write a resume that got me interviews and helped me to land a new job within 4 weeks. I now have friends and former coworkers asking me to help them, but I owe it all to Charles and will be sending them his way!

Delilah T.

Pharmacy Quality Improvement Manager

The course provided me guidance through the entire career search process. I was able to write a resume that landed me interviews. I learned how to network and meet hiring managers. Plus, the course prepared me for interviewing and how to convey my previous work experience and skill set was applicable to the job I was applying to. Finally, the course helped me negotiate my compensation package!