Moving onto Bigger & Better Career

It's another end of the work week and once again your inner monologue kicks in saying, 'I do not get any satisfaction out of this job!', 'What am I supposed to be doing with my career?' or 'I need a finically rewarding career!'

These thoughts along with feelings of no future, can't find your passion, unqualified for anything else, looking for direction, no idea where to start a career search, etc. continue to consumer your inner thoughts.


No One Teaches Us How to Make A Career Change

But how do we handle these thoughts? How do we go from thoughts to taking actionable steps with no clear direction?

Growing up we didn’t have classes in school that taught us how to figure out what our careers should be, how to write a resume, how to network and make connections with others, how to interview or how to manage our existing careers. None of it!

We all just went to school and found a job that pays the bills. But now we’re finding ourselves in a place we’re we want or even need a new career for one reason or another (you got fired, sick of your horrible boss, tired of the low pay) however the task feels impossible at times.

My Struggle to Change Careers

I've been where you are as for 9 years out of college I was unsuccessful in the sales field. I was never truly passionate about sales and therefore didn't get many of them. There was a domino effect as I didn't achieve many sales I didn't make much money and therefore life wasn't quite what I expected it to be.

So here I am in my late 20s feeling dissatisfied with my career and therefore life. On top of that I was confronted with a choice to voluntarily leave a job or stick through it. At this point I realized I needed to do some serious self-reflection and figure out what my next career should be.

Again, no one teaches you how to do this when we’re younger. This wasn’t a course in high school or college. Never do we sit back and think, ‘I should ponder my next career move just in case I wake up one day and get fired or my boss starts to be an ass, or the company decides to lay off hundreds of employees’.

But this is exactly where I found myself so with only knowing the sales field my entire career I was unsure how to go about figuring out my next career. What resources could I use? Who do I talk to? How do I write a resume for a whole new career when all I did was sales? These were just many of the questions racing through my frantic head and seemed to be stuck every time I tried to sit down and figure out the answers to these questions.

Long story short within a few months, as confusing and frustrating as it felt, I was able to not only determine my new career, but able to start in my new career.

Switching Careers Was Worth the Risk

8 years later my career trajectory is on a path I never dreamed of while earning an income increase well over 225% that allows me to live the life I want all while knowing at any time if I want to transition to a new career I have a methodical approach that is easy and quick.

Your career transition does not have to difficult or frustrating like mine. You too can move onto a bigger & better career by getting unstuck and determining your next career path.

Why have you not moved onto the bigger & better career you have always dreamed of and wanted for so many years?

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