Every Inch Counts on Your Resume

In life you never want to waste an opportunity whether that is an investment, a relationship and definitely not in your career.

That is why when writing your resume you need to evaluate the importance of the content you put on your resume.


Are you just throwing your resume together or are you methodically taking your time and considering what you’re putting on your resume?

If you find your resume is not landing you any interviews then I would safely assume you’re throwing your resume together with very little thought.

Asking Tough Questions

Instead, take a methodical approach and carefully consider what you’re writing on your resume.

So ask yourself…

  • ‘Does this bullet point demonstrate my ability to do the job?’ 
  • 'Is this bullet point relevant to the skills the company is looking for?’
  • ‘Will this bullet point differentiate me from all the other applicants for this job?’

By asking these questions you will make every inch of your resume count!

Someone Else's Shoes

If you find your resume is not landing you interviews then you need to look at your resume from a hiring manager’s perspective.

From a hiring manager’s perspective ask yourself the following questions to each of your bullet points:

  • 'Does this bullet point make this person stand out?'
  • 'Does this bullet point demonstrate this person's ability to perform the job?'
  • 'Is this person worth my time to interview?'

If you cannot answer a confident ‘yes’ to each of those then you cannot expect someone else to ask you to come in for an interview.

So What?

What I have found that works best for determining if a bullet point belongs on a resume is to ask, ‘So what?’

This forces you into justifying the existence of the bullet point.

Eventually after asking 'so what?' to each bullet point you are able to flush out specific details, actions and results to that bullet point.

Those specifics lead to bullet points that are impactful, makes you stand out and demonstrates your ability to do the job you are applying for.

Are you taking advantage of all of the space on your resume?

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