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How to Position Yourself & Resume as The Solution

How to Position Yourself & Resume as The Solution

In a recent article, 'Focus on Positioning, Not Perfection', I talked about how you should craft your resume in a way that speaks to an employer as you are the solution to their problem(s). 

Crafting your resume this way is called ‘Positioning’. You need to position yourself as that resource that possesses the skill set that can solve the employer’s problem(s). 

Positioning will help you differentiate yourself from the other hundreds, yes hundreds, of other people applying to the same position you are.  

So how do you go about properly positioning yourself? 

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Focus on Positioning Your Resume, Not Perfection

Focus on Positioning Your Resume, not Perfection 

So you’ve figured out your next career, but can’t quite seem to be able to write your new resume. 

You haven’t written your resume in years…where do you start???

Do you write only 1 page or is it 2 pages maximum these days?

Do you put your education near the top or bottom of the resume?

How do you handle explaining gaps in employment? What font/formatting are you suppose to use?

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