Write Your Winning Resume that Gets You Interviews!

So you are staring at a blank document wondering where to begin, what format to use, how far back in the past to document work experience, how many pages is too many pages and where do you put activities on the resume.

These are thoughts and many more that people have when attempting to write their resume. Plus, with so many opinions whether those opinions are on Internet forums or your friends' choosing how to write a resume can be challenging and very frustrating.

Writing your resume does not have to be challenging and frustrating, but rather simple and most importantly effective so that you gain interest from employers so that you can interview for the career you interested in pursuing!

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The goal of your resume is to land interviews! The best way to write your resume is by understanding that organizations hire people who can take initiative to solve problems. Therefore you want to write your resume so that you position yourself as the solution to the organization's problems.

So you maybe asking yourself, 'What is positioning and why is this important?' 

First, let us start with 'what is positioning?' 

'Positioning' your resume is strategically writing your resume in a way that speaks to an employer as you are the solution to their problem(s). 

Secondly, 'why is this important?' By properly positioning yourself as the solution you are already standing out among 98% other applicants as they are simply 'throwing their resume together' with no strategy and are simply telling employers what they do everyday. 

People who do not position themselves properly are the same people who say, 'I cannot get any interviews' which is due to their resume appearing just like 98% of other resumes that are being received by the company.

Here are some common mistakes that make your resume like the other 98%:

  • Your resume simply tells me what you do at work everyday.
  • Your resume is generic and you are submitting the same one resume to every single job you apply to. 
  • You are using 'buzz words' that actually make you look like your resume was copied and pasted from a job description.
  • You think by using 'eye catching' graphics, columns and colors you're standing out, which you are but for the wrong reasons.

So if you want to stand out to employers you must write your resume in a way that stands out. 

To stand out you need to position yourself as the solution to an employer's problem so you are able to gain their interest who will then want to speak to you in person to confirm you would be a good fit for the position.  

Here are a couple common 'best practices' used to write a winning resume that positions you as the solution:

  • Document your achievements, the actions you took to create those achievements and anytime you can tie numbers to those achievements do so.
  • Only include bullet points that directly relate to the position you're applying to 

Think of your resume as cliff notes and you want the employer to be so interested in you from those cliff notes that they want to hear the full story from you in person. Your resume is meant to land you interviews!

Strategically writing your resume to position yourself as the solution will differntiate you from other applicants and provide you the opportunity to interview for the career you have always wanted!

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