The Strategies You Need to Determine Your Next Career!

You are tired of your current job and seek a new career that provides you more money, the feeling of doing meaningful work, a better work life balance, a positive work environment and dare I say a supportive boss.

You recognize that you are meant to be in a different career, but you just can not seem to figure out what that new career should be...sound familiar?

I have successfully done this and enjoy helping others determine their new exciting and rewarding career!

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Determining your new career can feel overwhelming and frustrating at times, but to move onto a successful career you must be able to determine what you want next for yourself.

For so many of us we realize we do not belong in our career and need to move onto bigger and better careers. But why don't we?

There are several reasons why we fail to move not a new career. The first is our self-defeating inner monologue. The moment we begin to dream of a new career here comes our self-defeating inner monologue talking to us like, 'Where do I begin?', 'I haven't written a resume in years', 'Who is going to hire me?', 'I do not know anyone who can help me!', 'I am terrible at interviewing!', 'I hate networking!', and even worse such as, 'Who am I to want a big paying job with a fancy title?'.

So 60 seconds later you are already defeated by your inner monologue and you give up to only keep going to that job you dislike to put up with your awful boss while being severely underpaid for your efforts.

I understand as sometimes staying with 'the devil you know' is an easier decision than to 'take a leap of faith' towards the unknown (new career, new boss, new co-workers, etc.). However, I would tell you to ask yourself the following question...

'What is the worse that could happen?'

So you move onto a new career and realize you do not like the new boss, work culture, etc. Okay, you're still alive and can easily transition back to your previous career. 

Typically there is nothing life altering about moving onto a new career that you couldn't reverse any negative outcomes of your new career.

With that said then what are you waiting for to make your move? Are you waiting for the stars to align and the perfect moment to present itself? Perfection will take too long and before you know it you'll be regretting not going after what you deserve. 

I'll tell you what you're waiting for...

It isn't perfection...

It isn't for the stars to align...

Those and anything else is simply an excuse because...

You're fearful of the unknown and you do not know where and how to start this process.

And that is okay as we all need help and direction to be successful in life.

So let us start with How to Determine a New Career.

The following 6 steps will enable you to determine your next career.

#1: Dislikes - You need to identify what you do not like about your current career so you do not take a new career you end up hating in 6 to 12 month.

  • You do not feel like you are being paid enough?
  • You have no job satisfaction?
  • Your boss is an evil person and not supportive of your career aspirations.

#2: Decision Criteria - You should identify  exactly what you are looking for in your next career. Without precise criteria you will find determining a new career to be difficult. With precise criteria you will be able to narrow down your choices. Whereas a generic criteria leads to too many choices which leads to being overwhelmed and frustration.

  • Do you want more money?
  • A better work-life balance with a more flexible schedule and an option to work from home?
  • A better work culture?

#3: Research -  After you have determined what your criteria will be for your next career I would recommend using a few different resources to research careers that fit into your criteria. 

  • Internet sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn to read reviews about companies' work culture.
  • Basic Google searches to read about the day-to-day responsibilities in the career(s) you are interested in pursuing.
  • Find people who work in the industry and positions you want to pursue to gain their direct feedback.

#4: Be Realistic - There is no such thing as a 'perfect' situation. If you say finding a new career is 'impossible' I would ask 'Are you seeking the perfect situation?' 

  • You want a better boss well then perhaps you need to sacrifice for longer work hours.
  • You want more money then you may need to deal with a less than ideal work culture. 
  • You want more money, a better boss and flexible hours than you may have to deal with bad co-workers.

#5: Strengths - What are the two to three skills you are really good at?  Focus on figuring out what your strengths are and look at careers that utilize your strengths. 

  • By aligning your top 2-3 strengths and skills to your new career you are more likely to succeed and therefore reap the benefits like salary increases and promotions.
  • Work will not feel 'hard' as your 2-3 strengths just feel natural to utilize everyday. 
  • If you struggle with figuring out your strengths then ask others who you trust what they think your strengths are.

#6: Validation - If you are still not sure of your next career choice then the best thing to do is to go talk to other people!

  • Ask people high quality quetions. Do not simply ask, 'Do you like your career?' The reasons why they like their career may not align to what you're looking for in your career. Instead ask specific question that matter to you like, 'Does your career provide you a flexible schedule?'
  • Discussions with people lead to real conversations that give you feedback that you won't find online. 
  • Discussions could also lead to realizing whether your expectations in a new career are correct or not.

Just like anything else in life if you follow a proven process you can easily move forward towards success and your new career. 

So is today the day you decide now is the time to start your journey towards a new career that will provide you financial freedom, fulfillment and flexibility?

Today is the day you stop letting your self-defeating monologue control you and for you to choose yourself and your happiness!

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