22.83% of Your Adult Life is Work

Life is short…

And from the time you’re 22 to the age of 70 you will spend 48 years working or…

96,000 hours working…

Out of a possible 420,480 hours or…


22.83% of your time you will be at work!

That number doesn’t include commute time or overtime. 

Factors Beyond Time

Not to mention that time we are giving up is done so dealing with…

A bad boss who could be one if not many of the following…

  • Incompetent
  • Poor Leader
  • Takes Credit for Your Work
  • Passive Agressive
  • Verbally Abusive 
  • Lazy
  • Poor Communicator 

Working in a company environment where...

  • There never appears to be a clear direction where the company is headed.
  • Co-workers Gossiping 
  • People are promoted because of who they know instead of job performance.

Not being financially rewarded for our performance. 

Not feeling any real satisfaction for the work we do.

Why People Are Stuck in their Careers

The above are just a few reasons that I have heard other people tell me why they can no longer keep working for their current employer and ‘seek life elsewhere’. 

Three and a half years ago I sought life elsewhere to leave an employer because I felt unappreciated from a compensation perspective. 

Fast forward to present day and I have realized that life is too short to put in so much time at work to feel like what you’re receiving in compensation is less than what you’re providing in value to your employer.

But I talk to so many people who feel the same way yet do not ever move onto ‘bigger & better’ careers. 

Why don’t people move onto a career that is more rewarding?

Well, here are some common reasons I have heard:

  • Some people want to move onto a new career but can never figure out what they want to do in their next career.
  • Other people know what their next career is but are unable to successfully convey their accomplishments and abilities that allows their resume to get past applicant tracking systems and eventually lead to an interview. 
  • Also, many people spend a disproportionate amount of time perfecting their resume to only waste so many hours applying to jobs online to never receive an interview let alone a job offer. 
  • A lot of people know exactly what they want to do, have their resume ‘perfected’, but unfortunately do not know anyone who can help them get into their new career.
  • Many people fail to properly network and cannot convince people to help them with their career search.
  • Plus, many people are ‘scared’ of interviews, do not understand there is a strategic way to answer the common interview questions or worse fail to realize the interview is a 2-way street. 
  • Finally, I know a lot of people who do not take a new career because they feel ‘low-balled’ on their offer for the position.

I Was Once Stuck Too

All of those themes are something I struggled with myself in my 20s. 

  • I bounced from sales job to another sales job (being fired twice) because I didn’t know what else to do for a career.
  • I figured out another career I wanted, project management, but couldn’t get any interviews with my resume.
  • I spent countless hours filling out those damn online applications to only get the generic rejection letter a few days later saying the employer appreciated my time but they were going with other candidates.
  • I also spent hours upon hours ‘networking’ through family, friends and LinkedIn to find that the majority of people ‘did not know anyone’ at companies I was interested in working for.
  • Oh and the interviewing felt like interrogations at times particularly the ones where it is you on one side of the table and 3 to 5 people on the other side of the table. I didn’t realize I was showing up for a deposition. Needless to say interviewing wasn’t my strong suit and I never felt like I ‘aced’ an interview.
  • Finally, as far as job offers, which were far and few between, I was just happy to get an offer. I never thought to negotiate a low-ball offer because didn’t want to appear greedy and lose the offer. 

Learning From Your Career Failures

Looking back I could not be more thankful for my career failures in my 20s as those failures turned into lessons, hard lessons at times, which have allowed me to carve out my own career niche. 

This current career niche of mine isn’t forever as most things are not meant to be forever. However, it is a career I’m willing to go forward with as it is financially rewarding, which allows me to live life on my own terms and be happy. 

Time to Carve Out Your Career Niche

If you feel it is time to have a better career, I would like to help you!

You too can carve out your niche even if...

  • You're not sure what career you want next.
  • You know what you want to do next for your career, but unsure of how to make the transition.
  • You’re unsure how to write the ‘perfect’ resume that will land you interviews.
  • You are uncertain about how to get people to help you with your career search.
  • You're not good at interviewing. 
  • Negotiating a job offer scares you.

Time is Never Going to Stop for You

Tomorrow will be here before you know it and so will next month and then next year. Before you realize it you will still be at the same job wasting away your knowledge and skills, potentially sacrificing an increase in compensation, but most importantly your happiness. 

Life is too damn short to be wasting away in some cubicle where you’re underappreciated and undervalued when instead you could take the initiative to own your destiny to work a career that is financially rewarding and provides you happiness.

With so much time dedicated to working and sacrificing for an employer in your lifetime why not spend that time somewhere that leads to happiness.

Tell me, why are you still at your current job and haven't left for a better career?

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