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A thriving life is experienced by spending our time where it is appreciated, fulfilling and rewarded. Look at your close friend's lives and notice how happy they appear to be. Part of that happiness is derived from their rewarding career that enables them live their life on their terms.

Your life is meant to be enjoyed, full of happiness and thriving during your lifetime. We were not put here to suffer at work with terrible bosses, a toxic work environment and underpaid for our efforts.

Your Rewarding Career Comes Down to the Following Factors:


Being fairly compensated for the value you add to the company.


The feeling of the work you do is important.


Being able to have a work-life balance that includes working from home.


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So much of our happiness is determined by where and who we spend 40 plus hours a week during our career.

For many people they dislike their job as it is:

  • Does not pay enough.
  • Requires working for a bad boss or terrible co-workers
  • Unfulfilling and you get no satisfaction out of your work.

Just like you many people want so much more out of their career, but fail to make a transition to a more rewarding and fulfilling career due to a lack of a strategy or game plan.

Why do people lack a strategy or game plan?

  • We were never taught how to find a career.
  • We never care to learn how to find a new career until we are forced to.
  • Once we are forced to look for a new career we lack enthusiasm as everything from filling out online applications, to writing a cover letter and resume, to networking, to interviewing and negotiating your salary seems daunting which leads to frustration and we just give up and stay at our current career to only be miserable.

From the age of 22 to 70 you could possibly spend 96,000 hours at work. That is 22.83% of your time during that period so why wouldn't you want to be happy, fulfilled and rewarded for your efforts.

If you are finally ready to make that change to a new career the transition is possible with these steps:

  • Determine your new career.
  • Write your cover letter and resume.
  • Maximize resources like LinkedIn and Job Boards.
  • Network with people who will help you in your career search. 
  • Prepare to win your interview.
  • Negotiate to maximize your salary and benefits.

Those steps can feel overwhelming, daunting, and frustrating but they are straightforward and will lead you to a new career you enjoy, allow you to experience and thrive in your lifetime!

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