Fear is Crushing Your Career Change

Ever feel like it is time to make a career change, but for some reason six months later you're still at the same job? You know you should figure out your next career, but never seem to make the time to sit down and have that self-reflection time you need.


You realize you should network with other people to help you in finding your next career, however you never seem to find the time to meet people in person or introduce yourself through an email on LinkedIn. So, you know you need to take the necessary steps to find your way to a new career so what is stopping you? FEAR! 


Fear is stopping you from digging deep into your mind and really having the conversation with yourself to figure out what you should do next. Fear is keeping you from reaching out to someone you don't know and asking for help or advice because you're afraid of rejection. If you want the career you have always dreamed of you must first determine what you're afraid of and then proceed killing those fears to be successful!

So what are the fears keeping you at the job you know you no longer want? 

  • You fear your skills are not transferable to a new career.

  • You fear the unknown of a new environment whether that be a new company or new career.
  • You fear having to write a resume.
  • You fear networking.
  • You fear having to interview.
  • You fear the negotiation process.

Worst Case Scenario

All of the fears mentioned above are real and I have experienced these fears myself over the course of managing my career. However, ask yourself the following: ‘What is the worst thing that could happen if I decide to move on from my current career?’

Yes, perhaps there could be negative short-term impact such as having to take on a lower salary to gain entrance into a whole new field or you do not cut it in your new career and go back to your old career in 2 years. However, more than likely the answer you come up with is not something you could not ever recover from in the long-term.

With that said I have had clients who have overcome each, if not several of these fears, and successfully moved onto a new career. One of my clients was able to effectively convey his skills to transition from law enforcement to managing operations for a start-up company.

Another one of my clients was able to find her confidence to leave a company she was with for 10 years to move onto a company who compensated her appropriately for her skill set. Finally, a client of mine was able to navigate her way through the career search process in only 4 weeks to land her a career in a field she went to school for and was interested in pursuing for some time now.


Fear is real and holds us back from doing so many things we wish we would do, but later in life look back on with regret. Life maybe ‘short’ as many say, but what isn’t short is the amount of time you spend at work every week, year and possibly for many decades.

So do you really want to work somewhere you’re unsatisfied or do you want to work somewhere that you feel fulfillment and most importantly get paid handsomely for your knowledge and skills. Do you want to look back on your life with regret when you’re 70 years old wondering what could have been?  

Of course you do not want to feel regret! So start addressing your fears and determine what is your next career!

Comment below on what fears are holding you back. 

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