The Strategies to Implement so You Can Quickly Transition to a New Career and be Happy!

You recognize the need to move onto your new career and even know what you want to do in your next career, however you can't quite seem to get started. Why?

Here are a few common reasons I have noticed while working with people:

  • Self-defeating talk
  • Lack of focus 
  • Lack of persistence and follow through
  • No clear direction
  • Lack of prioritizing

The reasons above are common because we are human and these are our tendencies.  We get super excited and then poof...

Our excitement disappears as we want instant gratification! 

Instead, just like others I have helped, if you create and work your game plan you will succeed!

You do not have a game plan?

Do not worry as I didn't have a game plan to transition from sales. 

But once I had a plan I worked that plan and found my happiness.

You just need a plan to work and then realize the rewards in your new career!

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Successfully changing careers is about having a clear plan about what you want, planning on how to achieve your plan and executing that plan.

Many of us know we want to move onto a new career and even know what we want to do in our next career, but hesitate to take significant action. Why?

We live in a world of constant notifications and distractions all while hearing everyone's opinion about our choices. Then the self-defeating talk begins and before you even gave yourself a chance for a new career you have already resigned yourself to the idea you don't deserve to be happy.

Moving onto a new career is not as hard as we make it out to be, however we want instant results so when we do not get those instant results we believe the process is 'impossible' and revert back to negative thoughts.

What if instead you could follow a step-by-step process that makes your transition easy while staying focused and motivated?

The process comes down to the following:


Determine the Career You Want for Yourself

Knowing and being very clearing about the career you want will keep you focused. A very common reason people are unable to move onto new careers is due to a lack of focus. Think about the last time you were focused on a task where you limited your distractions. I bet you were able to accomplish that task with ease. In a world of limitless notifications focus is overlooked as a skill you need to be successful. 


Write Your Cover Letter and Resume

Think of your cover letter and resume as a marketing tool to convey your work experience, strengths, skills and most important the value you can bring to organizations. So why do people struggle to write these two marketing pieces?  When we are doing our jobs everyday we do not realize our accomplishments and more importantly how to convey those accomplishments on a resume. Instead we simply write a resume that tells employers what we do everyday instead of our accomplishments. To stand out amongst other potential candidates you need your resume to read differently than the other resumes hiring managers read.


Networking with People Who Can and Want To Help You 

Networking is viewed by many people as a necessary evil and a dreaded step in the 'finding a job' process. I understand that perspective, but now is the time to readjust your viewpoint of this step. Networking is not about asking everybody 'Can you find me a job?', but instead targeting people who can help and then most importantly spending time with those people who want to help! Stop wasting your time asking every Tom, Dick and Harry for help! Simply focus on finding someone who will 'champion' your efforts to move into a new career!


Preparing For and Being Confident to Interview 

Interviewing for a new career can be intimidating as the whole process feels like an interrogation. Plus, no matter how much you prepare for the interview there is always that one curve ball question someone asks you that you were not ready with an answer. Unfortunately the interview process is not a subjective process. Instead interviewing is about 'winning over' the hiring manager. How do you 'win over' someone? By being relatable, likable and demonstrating your ability to successfully perform the job through story telling. You can be confident in your interview through preparation of your stories.


Negotiating Your Salary and Other Benefits Important to You

Why do people hesitate to negotiate when they are offered a job? In most cases people are just happy to be offered a job and do not want to scare off an employer by asking for more money, additional days of vacation or the flexibility to work from home. However, fast forward 3 to 5 years, or where you currently are in your career, and you feel vastly underpaid with not enough vacation time and a boss who will not let you work from home. Don't you wish you negotiated these items before accepting the job? in order to successfully negotiate your salary and benefits you first need to determine what is most important (Salary, Benefits, Flexibility, etc.). Secondly and most critical is you need to ask! If you do not ask you will never receive a 'yes'!

Your search for a new career does not have to be complicated. The process itself is actually simple and straightforward. You simply need to be clear about what you want, stay focus and motivated while following your game plan.

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