How to Ace Your Interview

Interviewing is one of those situations in life that many of us would rather do anything else in life than have to sit across from a stranger and feel as if we are being interrogated. 

The night before we feel as if we have a huge test the next day.

The morning of the interview we are nervous, anxious, palms are sweating and just cannot wait for the interview to be over.

All of these feelings are natural and very common.

But what if you had a process to prepare for your interview that made you feel prepared, calm and actually allowed you to determine if the position and company is a good fit for you?

Too many times we rush through an interview to just get it over with and are not really mentally present. This approach leaves us accepting a career with a boss and/or company that is not a good fit for us to only realize this 6 months later and hating life again!

Instead the interview process is not only a time for the company to determine if you are a good fit, but this is also the time for YOU to determine if this person will be a good boss, if the company is a good fit for you and can you see yourself working there for the next 3-5 years.

Learn How to Prepare for Your Interview & Determine if the Position & Company is Right for You!

Rewire Your Thoughts & Approach to Win Your Interview!

Due to our bad interviewing experiences and rejections we have negative thoughts when we are asked to come interview for a position we want. We should be excited, thrilled, pumped and eager to impress.

Instead we are nervous, unsure of ourselves and eager to get the interview over with. I understand these thoughts and have been there myself.

But we need to rewire our thoughts to think of the interview process as:

  • An opportunity to interview our future boss. You should use this opportunity to determine if you can see yourself getting along with your boss.
  • An opportunity to ask questions to truly understand the position's day-to-day responsibilities and ensure you would be accepting the career you expect it to be.
  • An opportunity to observe how people at the company treat you while you are there as an interviewee. Think about it, if the company/interviewer is rude to you, is very late for the interview and has any other negative behavior during the interview process then how do you think they treat people they are not trying to impress.

Many of us rush through the interview process because of our nerves and end up accepting new careers with new a new boss or company we should not have, but we missed the red flags during the interview.

Here are common red flags that should make you question if this potential new boss and/or company is for you:

  • Any type of miscommunication about the time of the interview or the position you are interviewing for.
  • Any type of negative attitude from the interviewers either towards you or anyone else they interact with.
  • Vague answers to any direct questions you ask them during the interview process.

If an organization cannot clearly communicate, display respect for you and your time and be transparent during the interviewing process then they certainly will not when you're an employee. 

Therefore take notice of the red flags and use your judgment wisely to save yourself from making a mistake you will regret in 6 months!

By preparing for your interview with an approach of this is a time for you to interview the people and company as much as it is them interviewing you...

You will make sure you are making the right choice for you and your career!

Learn How to Prepare for Your Interview & Notice the Red Flags!